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The Brecksville Theatre announces that our production of Neil Simon's Plaza Suite will be postponed. If you have purchased tickets we will be in contact with you soon to discuss options. Our Spring Break Camp has also been cancelled. Refunds will be issued immediately. We appreciate your continued support as we work through this time of ever-changing uncertainty together. "The show must go on."

One of showbusiness’s most classic and beloved tales, 42nd Street tells the story of Peggy Sawyer, a talented young performer with stars in her eyes who gets her big break on Broadway.

Peggy arrives to New York City from her hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania, armed with her tap shoes and big dreams. Peggy’s talent catches the eye of legendary Broadway director Julian Marsh, who gives her a spot in the chorus of Pretty Lady, his newest show. Pretty Lady stars Dorothy Brock, the classic Broadway diva, who takes an instant dislike to the new girl in the cast. When Dorothy is injured during the show’s previews, Pretty Lady looks like it will have to close, unless a new girl talented enough to lead the show can be found — someone like Peggy Sawyer!

Peggy’s rise from showgirl to star is the stuff of show business dreams. 42nd Street is full of crowd-pleasing tap dances, popular musical theatre standards, and show-stopping ensemble production numbers.

Performance dates:

  • September 18 at 7:30 PM
  • September 19 at 7:30 PM
  • September 25 at 7:30 PM
  • September 26 at 7:30 PM
  • September 27 at 2:00 PM
  • October 2 at 7:30 PM
  • October 3 at 7:30 PM
  • October 4 at 2:00 PM

It’s the 1950s, hula-hoops are in high demand, and so is Little Red Riding Hood! Wise Prince Jason (winner of the Math Olympics and the Nobel Prize), Strong Prince Justin (who can bench press his own mother) and ordinary Loud Prince Frank all want to woo Red Riding Hood. The king and queen hire the Fairy Godmother to set three tasks for the princes. Only the prince who can find the missing girl, defeat the dragon, and awaken a castle visitor from her slumber earns the right to woo Wed Widing Hood... that is, Red Riding Hood! Alas, Little Red’s couch-potato parents don’t want to lose their little girl. How else will they get their cookies delivered to Grandmother? So they hire the evil queen to thwart the Fairy Godmother’s contest. Luckily, Little Red Riding Hood’s two sisters — Big Green Riding Hood and Medium Purple Riding Hood — help balance out the situation. Complete with the big bad wolf and a sock-hopping ‘50s score, this easy-to-produce adventure is guaranteed to end in happily-ever-after laughter for audiences and performers of all ages!

Performance dates:

  • October 23 at 7:30 PM
  • October 24 at 7:30 PM
  • October 29 at 7:30 PM
  • October 30 at 7:30 PM
  • November 1 at 2:00 PM
  • November 6 at 8:15 PM
  • November 8 at 2:00 PM

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