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American Idiot...

is a sung-through stage adaptation of punk rock band Green Day's rock opera, American Idiot. After a run at The Berkeley Repertory Theatre in 2009, the show moved to the St. James Theatre on Broadway. The story, expanded from that of the concept album, centers on three disaffected young men, Johnny, Will, and Tunny. Johnny and Tunny flee a stifling suburban lifestyle and parental restrictions, while Will stays home to work out his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend, Heather. The former pair looks for meaning in life and tries out the freedom and excitement of the city. Tunny quickly gives up on life in the city, joins the military, and is shipped off to war. Johnny turns to drugs and finds a part of himself that he grows to dislike, has a relationship and experiences lost love.

Performance dates:

  • 2018-04-27 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-04-28 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-04-29 18:00:00.0
  • 2018-05-03 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-05-04 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-05-05 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-05-06 18:00:00.0
  • 2018-05-10 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-05-11 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-05-12 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-05-13 18:00:00.0
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How I Became A Pirate...

Sail off on a fantastic musical excursion when a band of comical pirates lands at North Beach looking for an expert digger to join their crew. Braid Beard and his mates enlist young Jeremy Jacob, as they try to find the perfect spot to bury their treasure. Jeremy finds that adventuring can be lots of fun, but also learns that love and home are treasures you can’t find on any map! The whole family will love this delightful and swashbuckling musical adventure!

Performance dates:

  • 2018-05-18 23:00:00.0
  • 2018-05-19 18:00:00.0
  • 2018-05-19 23:00:00.0

Our Annual Summer Musical Theater Camp

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