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Waiting for Godot...

is a play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, wait for the arrival of someone named Godot, and while waiting they engage in a variety of discussions and encounter three other characters. It is funny and poetic, and reveals humanity's talents for stoicism, companionship, and keeping going. This play speaks about what it is to be human, so subtly that it's like a big beautiful poem or piece of music. It doesn't lecture you, it's not polemic, it's not coarse. It teaches you in a very gentle, intelligent way and it's very relevant today. Waiting for Godot is a tragicomedy in two acts. In a poll conducted by the British Royal National Theatre in 1990 it was voted the “most significant English language play of the 20th century”. The playwright's genius lay in creating a work that, more than half a century on, still speaks to audiences, particularly in troubled times. Two homeless old men wait on a bare road with a single tree. They are in no particular time or place - nowhere and everywhere. Over two days they argue, get bored, clown around, repeat themselves, and wait. They're waiting for the one who will never come. They're Waiting for Godot.

Written by Samuel Beckett Directed by Art Suskin

Performance dates:

  • 2018-08-24 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-08-25 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-08-26 18:00:00.0
  • 2018-08-31 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-09-01 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-09-02 18:00:00.0
  • 2018-09-07 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-09-08 23:30:00.0
  • 2018-09-09 18:00:00.0
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