Performance / Nate the Great the Musical

NATE THE GREAT is a funny, sweet, rollicking good time that celebrates art, friendship, creative thinking, and of course, pancakes.

Nate the Great, the world’s greatest boy detective awakes, hoping that this day will bring a new case. He gets a call from his good friend Annie alerting him that her new painting of her dog Fang is missing! He rushes over to her house to investigate. There he searches for clues and interviews her brother Harry who loves red paint and monsters. He also observes (and possibly tangoes) with Fang.

Having struck out at Annie’s house, Nate deduces that the painting must have been taken by Annie’s cat loving friend Rosamond; as she was the only other person with access to Annie’s masterpiece.

Upon arriving at Rosamond’s house, Nate learns that she has a case to solve as well. One of her four cats, Super Hex, is missing! Nate ultimately realizes that Rosamond could not have stolen the painting. For the first time in his career, he is…stumped. And worse yet, Mom is all out of pancakes.

To solve this case he is going to need to find some pancakes, learn to think new ways, and rely on the help of his friends. By the end he has opened up his mind to new possibilities, found Annie’s painting, found Rosamond’s cat, and maybe even solved the mystery of why music in a minor key makes us sad.

Directed by Lisa Ortensi

Performance dates:

  • May 9 at 4:00 PM